The Message of Free & Sovereign Grace

The message of free and sovereign Grace is not my message. It is the message of the bible that is hated by the majority of people because like i always say the modern church is entertainment driven, mammon driven and numbers driven.

It’s little wonder then that when people are eventually confronted with the subject of God’s absolute sovereignty they reject this doctrine outright.

And so such people who hate this truth preferring lies will follow or gather themselves false teachers who satisfy their appetite for falsehoods.
For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions 2 Timothy 4:3

And so it is no wonder that the gospel has been manipulated to suit modern thought. This is the gospel that tickles ears and it is a false gospel, the false teachers nevertheless maximise on the attitudes of those with itching ears, by presenting this false hope, by conditioning salvation on that which these false teachers and prophets offer

This is why many of the false teachers have successfully manage to sell foolishness in form of oil, water, soap for a fee of course, all claiming that these goods can enhance the state of salvation.
And no wonder Peter writes of the false prophets and says “and in their greed they will exploit you with false words” 2 Peter 2:3


Christ Our High Priest

Christ fulfilled this role perfectly once and for all. As High Priest Christ reconciled men to God, and once Christ accomplished and took up this role, no man can ever take up this role.

Leviticus 21:10

And he that is the high priest among his brethren, upon whose head the anointing oil was poured, and that is consecrated to put on the garments, shall not uncover his head, nor rend his clothes

Christ as the HIGH PRIEST and suffice that I remind you once again that this is a very important issue, it is a gospel issue. It is an important issue because the reality of the matter is that:

As sinners we could have never approached God on our own, Simply because being sinners we are so filthy that God being so Holy they was no possibility we would get to Him on our own. GOD TAKES HIS HOLINESS SO SERIOUSLY THAT IN THE OLD TESTAMENT GOD WOULD INSTANTLY STRIKE DOWN UNCLEAN PEOPLE IF THEY EVER TOUCHED HOLY OBJECTS.

So this scenario where there is a Holy God and a filthy people necessitated a mediator, The mediator had to be acceptable to God in that He had to be perfect, blameless and Holy, because God would never have accepted anyone less holy even by a mere 0.0000001 %.

God being Holy He thus had to mediate, Yes Jesus is God but again this mediator had to be human so He could relate with the sinner, Jesus was also human.

Jesus being thus God and human all at the same time was qualified to mediate so what was the job of the mediator? The mediator had a job of interceding on behalf of the guilty party/defendant in the presence of the Offended party, such that the offended party/Plaintiff would not affect a punishment upon the defendant/offender. So who did Christ mediate on behalf of?

Christ mediated on behalf of His sheep and these sheep are the ones that are given to Him by the Father, chosen before the foundations of the world. Christ did not mediate on behalf of everyone He mediated only on behalf of those that God predestined/elected/chose before the foundations of the world, just as the Old Testament High Priest could only mediate on behalf of Israel. We offended God with sin, so we all deserved punishment without end, but Christ stood for us and then proceeded to also pay the penalty.

In the OT, the HIGH Priest would offer sacrifices on the Day of Atonement on behalf of Israel and so Christ stood out as a representative then He also offered Himself as a sacrifice at the same time also was the mediator. Christ mediated on behalf of the elect so that the elect may receive saved from sin and its consequences.

Christ’s mediatorship was not for purposes of getting us maximum material comfort in this world, it was solely for salvation that in whatever state we will be spared from the wrath of God Moving on, we realise that Christ had unique qualifications that Qualified Him as a Mediator.

He was Holy, He is God and He is also human What this means is that no one can stand as a mediator between God and man, unless that person is a human and also God like Christ.

Yet since its only Christ who possesses these two natures all at the same time That’s why none of the so called modern day apostle, prophet, church founder can be our representative in the presence of God, and so no one who knows the gospel must entrust their salvation to a so called apostle, pastor, church founder or even the pope.

There is a lot of erroneous teaching going around in the churches with people claiming their church founder stands in their place on their behalf in the presence of God. This is a false teaching and a blasphemous one, for it supposes that a mere man can take up a position of Christ Anyone who does this is a false Christ, mind you Christ warned His disciples of the time when false christs would come.

The Old Testament High Priest Aaron was anointed with oil as a way of showing He had been separated unto God for a special task. So likewise Christ also went through this very process of getting anointed just as the Old Testament High Priest.

Christ wasn’t mediating between two aggrieved parties, Not at all. One party that is us was totally guilty, yet God being Holy was totally without fault. Christ was not the kind of mediator bargaining for a compromise, in that God must perhaps lower His standard of righteousness to accommodate sinful man.

Christ was not the kind of mediator demanding that man heighten their level or righteousness just a bit to show God that perhaps man was making an effort. All of humanity is totally sinful and can never achieve holiness by any means other than the means that God provides. God being a perfect God could not have lowered His standard because no amount holiness mixed with a little filth is no longer holiness but filth.

If sin is present and a bit of holiness is added, the sin does not turn onto holiness it remains but sin. So here was the issue Christ stood on our behalf and stood just as guilty not because He had sinned but He took up our guilt and on our behalf also paid for the guilt but also stood on our behalf that we might not be liable for our own guilt

In the process had to take our guilt and pay for it, This is an important point because it can also help one realise that its thus virtually impossible for anybody other than Christ to take up guilt for another person, and thus move on to pay for the very sin.

That is why we insist that it is impossible for any man to claim the role of mediatorship in whatever form

The Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form, like a dove; and a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” – Luke 3:22

Here we see just after His baptism, The Holy Spirit descends upon Christ, and this was the very act of Christ becoming anointed not with oil as in former times but with the Holy Spirit. In the former times oil was used. The Oil of the former times was a shadow of the Holy Spirit.

Aaron had oil poured on Him symbolising Him being set apart for a special task. It would be interesting to note that this event marked the beginning of Christ’s ministry. Luke in the next verse tells us this: Jesus, when he began his ministry, was about thirty years of age, , Luke thereafter proceeds with a genealogy right to the end of Chapter 3, then of course at the beginning of chapter 4 here is what Luke says: And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness. The Holy Spirit empowered Jesus as man with gifts that where thus a toolkit for His ministry.

The anointing with oil preceded the ministry of Aaron and also the same way the anointing of David with oil preceded ascendancy of David to the throne. All this pointed to our High Priest and King, Jesus Christ.

Christ wasn’t mediating between two aggrieved parties, Not at all. One party that is us was totally guilty, and Christ was standing in the presence of God the Father on our behalf, In the process He had to take our guilt and pay for it, This is an important point because it can also help one realise that it is impossible for anybody other than Christ to take up guilt for another person, and thus move on to pay for the very sin. That is why we insist that it is impossible for any man to claim the role of mediatorship in whatever form.

For the gospel is power unto salvation, and foolishness to those who are perishing So the Gospel is but one gospel this is what Apostle Paul tells us, they are no more than one, Any other gospel other than the one that the apostles left us is no gospel and it cannot be power unto salvation.

For when the Apostle says the Gospel is power unto salvation He is referring to the true gospel and not the false gospel. The High Priesthood of Jesus Christ is a gospel issue, in that if the role of mediator is ascribed to anybody other than Christ, then whatever gospel preached by that person who ascribes the mediatorship of Christ to anything or anyone other than Christ is a false gospel.

A false gospel cannot save you and it is a waste of time. Therefore expose and do not listen or take heed of people who claim that a church founder or any other clergy man can cause things to be right between you and God because Christ as mediator already accomplished that. Secondly when Christ became mediator He took up our guilt and His righteousness was given to us.

Christ rightfully did the mediatorship role because He WAS THE ONLY ONE who was qualified to be a MEDIATOR, He was qualified because He was acceptable before God, Holy and blameless! He obeyed the law perfectly; He also obeyed the Father even unto death.

Your church founder, pastor, is not blameless or holy. He is a sinful man, a disobedient and filthy son of Adam in need of Grace more so If He claims He can stand up in the presence of God on your behalf and convince God to save you unto eternity! Also no man can be a mediator because mediatorship in this case means the mediator must take up the guilt and sin of those that have offended God, and having taken it up, he must die.

Your pastor, church founder or anyone else for that matter cannot take up your sin and get punished for it, because being a human just like you; First of all just like you, any church founder/pastor/ prophet/ apostle has an infinite number of sins that he cannot pay for, he cannot be a perfect sacrifice acceptable unto God because God wants a sinless sacrifice, that happens to be divine and human both conditions which none of other than Christ can fulfill.
The priestly robes do not point to some command that our pastors ought to also adopt the priestly robes of the OT High Priest for these robes where a foreshadow of the purity of Jesus Christ

2. The mention of the act of anointing with oil in Leviticus 21:10 does not point to the sale and use of anointing oil in the church, but rather it points to the anointing of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit just after he had been baptised

3. Finally the instruction that the High Priest must not rent his clothes also pointed to the purity of Jesus Christ, in that He was all together perfect in every way, his perfect body that also became a sacrifice was foreshadowed by the priestly garments So Leviticus 21:10 totally points to Christ, THEY is nothing in that passage that points to your pastor, apostle or prophet

Is the Bible horrible just because it was misused by slave traders and owners?

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So here is the question from the unbeliever in brackets below:
[[ Have you read it? [ the bible ] Its a horrible boring book that was only used to…

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Christ, real historical fact, not mere myth!

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Have you ever been confronted by non believers? who claim that the basis for the Christian faith is a myth.

Many non believers out of pure hatred for the faith will say such things even though they themselves either have biased evidence against Christianity or no evidence at all.

On 20th November 2016 Va Ndoro in His article “Religion incompatible with truth, science” he wrote ” Christianity is based on assumptions. That is, according to Va Ndoro, Christianity is based on mere claims that are not backed by proof. We Christians take the Person, Ministry, Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ, to be basis for our Faith.

According to Va Ndoro therefore Christ is a mere assumption, they is no proof that He was ever born, lived, died & resurrected. According to Va Ndoro Christ never had a ministry, he never did what the bible says He did, in…

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God is not “reasoning” for scientific ignorance

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VA NDORO : THE core of a religious disposition is that the source and sustenance of life is from the causative and creative power of a supernatural force or power, a deity. Such a deity or “God” is then assumed to be humanoid or anthropological with “an appearance…

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“Ndiye unotangira zvose, zvose zvakabatana maari” ~ Vakorose 1:17

Chii chinotangira zvose? Mutemo wa Mozisi here, Mabasa akanaka here?

Chinotangira zvose haisi mitemo ya Mozisi, kana mabasa akanaka nekuti Kristu wakazadzisa murairo wose wa Mozisi, Pauro unoudza va Garatia [VaGaratia 3:24] kuti murairo wa Mozisi waive mudzidzisi kusvikira Kristu auya uyo anotiruramisa nekutenda .

Uye Mabasa akanaka haandiwo anotangira zvose nekuti haapi ruponeso [Vaefeso 2:8-9].

Unotangira zvose ndeuyo anoponesa, Unotangira zvose ndeuyo wakavapo pasati panechimwe chakanga chatosikwa.

Unotangira zvose ndeuyo wakasika zvose, uye unobatanidza zvose. Unotangira zvose ungava ani kunze kwa Kristu uyo Mwanakomana wa Mwari wakafira zvivi zvedu kuti tive muhuvepo nekubwinya Mwari nekusingaperi.

Tingatenda chii kunze kwa Jesu uyo shoko ra Mwari[ Johani 1;1]. Mukuru wekereke uyezve ariiye anotaurwa nezvake mumagwaro ose [ Ruka 24:27, Johani 5:39 ] Hukuru hwa Kristu hauna kuperera paakasika nyika aiwa, asi nanhasi Jesu uyu mupenyu anotangira zvose.

Izvi zvinotidzidzisa kuti Jesu havashanduki, Va Hebheru 13:8 inotitaurira kuti Jesu Kristu unogara akadaro, zuro nhasi, nekusingaperi.

Zvinotiratidza kuti basa, ne hunhu hwa Jesu sa Mwari uye ari munhu azere haushanduki.

Muvhunzo ngewekuti Jesu unotangira zvose pakudii? Chekutanga, kusati kwava nechinhu iye wanga watovepo, Jesu haana mavambo uye haana magumo, vamwe vanofunga kuti nyaya ya Jesu yakatangira paakazvarwa na Maria asi ka Chokwadi tochiwana muna [Vahebheru 7:3] “Asina baba, asina amai, asina madzisekuru, asina kutanga kwamazuva, kana kuguma kovupenyu, asi wakafananidzwa no Mwanakomana wa Mwari, unogara ari Mupirisita nekusingaperi”

Iyi nyaya iri muna VaHebheru yaifananidza Merishizedheki na Jesu. Pakutanga kwaiva neshoko, Shoko raiva na Mwari, Shoko raiva Mwari.

Aiva na Mwari pakutanga. Kuburikidza naye zvose zvakagadzirwa…. [Johani 1:1]

Tinoona kuti muna Johani 1 Kristu wanga watovepo kusati kwava nechimwe zvacho chinhu kana chimwe chakanga chasikwa. Muna Johani 8 Jesus unoti “Ndinokuudzai Chokwadi Abhurahama asati azvarwa ini ndakange ndatovepo.

Pauro unonyorera kuva Korose kuti Mwari Baba kuburikidza na Mwari Mwanakomana wakagadzira zvose zvinoonekwa nezvisingaonekwi, muna Mwari Mwanakomana zvose zvakabatana, Mwari Baba vakasika nyika neshoko ravo, Shoko iri ndi Jesu ndiro rinobatanidza zvose, muna VaHebheru 1: 3 zvinonzi shoko iroro rakataurwa na Mwari Baba kuti zvinhu zvivepo ndiro nanhasi rakabatanidza zvose ne simba raro.

Muna Mabasa Avaapostora 17; 28 zvinonzi “Maari tinorarama, uye tichifamba ndimo matiine hunhu hwedu.

Mwari wakasika zvose, ndiye oga usina kusikwa anozviraramisa asina chimwe chaangada kuti arambe anesimba ne HuMwari hwake.

Nyika Nezvose zviripairi, nezvirikunze, Nyeyedzi Nezvose zvinokwanisa kuramba chete zviripo nekuda kwe simba ra Mwari.

Hakuna chisikwa chinozvitonga, kana kuzviraramisa. Mwari ndivo !vanotonga uye vanoita kuti zvose zvirambe zvichishanda. Vamwe vanokatyamadzwa nechokwadi ichi asi ka tikavhura kuna Jobho 12:23 -25 Bhaibheri rinoti Mwari ndiye unopa Hukuru kunyika dzepasirino, ndiye unodzipwanya, unobvisa huchenjeri muvatungamiriri

….vanodzedzereka sezvidhakwa. Mwari ndivo vanotonga mashandiro anoita kubuda kwezuva, mwedzi, nyenyedzi, kunaya kwemvura [ Mapisarema 103:19, Vaefeso 4:6, Mateu 6:6, Dhanyeri 4:35]

Kune uyo anotenda, Zvose zvinobatana muna Kristu, Kune uyo anoda kuzodzwa, Kristu ndiye akazodzwa, uye ndiye anopa Mweya Mutsvene uyo anotizodza. Mukereke, Kristu ndiye unotangira zvose nekuti Kristu ndiye Musoro we Kereke [VaKorose 1:18], kereke muviri wa Kristo, uye ndi Kristu wakafira kereke, kereke ya Kristu ndiyo inevanotenda avo vakadanwa kwaari. Kristu ndiye skunayaJohani 1:1] Kristu ndiye chiratidzo ChaMwari Baba kwatiri. Hakuna kumwe kuzarurirwa kunopfuura

Thou shalt not turn Christianity into a political ideology..


This is a reminder to Bible believing Christians in Zimbabwe, that our faith must never be easily hijacked by the circumstances of the day.

Christianity is not a political ideology neither is it a method for advancing any particular economic ideology.

I say this because its easy to get carried away as a Christian, with the headlines of protests for political emancipation to a point of twisting the one message of the bible into a political ideology.

Jesus Himself suffered at the hands of the Romans, even though He had the power to free the Jews from Roman rule.

Even more Jesus` other disciple Matthew was a tax collector, that probably meant Matthew had to collaborate with the Romans, in the days before he became a disciple.

On the other hand was another disciple, Simon the Zealot, an anti Roman Jew.

Christ on calling these men would never entangle himself in the ideology of either man.

The point is clear, Christianity just like its originator is not a political ideology.

Christianity, as every bible believing Christian will know has its sole focus on the Redemptive work of the Holy triune God, who redeems those that He decided to redeem solely out of the pleasure of His will for His Glory. That is the core of our Christian Faith.

We as Christians must not get too excited  by such passing tides of  political activism to a point of  thinking the message of the bible can be turned into a political ideology that suits political preferences of the time.

We must look at worldly methods that are without Christ for what truly they are.

Without Christ, sin is noble, greed is highly esteemed, thieves are wise. Violence unto destruction though a device of the devil suddenly seems good, in the eyes of the unregenerate. For the world says, between 2 evils, choose of the lesser evil. The world says the end justifies the means.