One Way, Christ Alone

IN John 14: 6 Jesus tells us ” Iam the Way…”
For through Him we have access in one Spirit to the Father [Ephesians 2:18] We have obtained access by Faith into this Grace which we stand and we rejoice in hope of Glory of God. [Romans 5:2]

Christ is the way to His Father and needfull to say He is the only way, such that by this very statement every other imagined way to God is useless, needless, null and void. Many people agree to this great fact but soon they begin to engage in contardictory behaviour, by consulting ancestral spirits, by praying to dead ” saints”

yet we stand reminded of the seriousness of this issue that Jesus is the only way to the Father. How can this be some may ask? God is so Holy that the only one who can qualify anybody an audience and an ertenal bliss in the presence of God is Christ Alone.

Why is Christ the only way? Christ is the only one who ever satisfied God’s wrath, for He died in place of the elect who by Adam having broken the Covenant of works in Eden, death was sure to be a penalty for foolishness. And this wasnt just supposed to be physical death but death forever, ertenally in torment of hellfire.

Only Christ lived in perfect obedience to God the Father while on earth to the point of death. Christ was born of heavenly Seed not the contaminated seed of Adam thus could never have inherited the sinfull nature that all of us humans carry.

Christ also rose again from the dead thus conquerd death.
Thus we can only access the father, if we are counted as righteous on account of God given belief in the merits of Jesus active obidience and sacrifice on the cross by which our sins where fully paid for.

Before the world began God had already decreed that all this would happen, thus this didnt come as a surprise for God is an All Knowing God, who knows what He knows because He has decreed that By His power it must happen.

Before the world began God also dertemined it that among the people of the world, He would save some unto life forever and some unto ertenal death. Wait a minute that sounds unfair right? Not a bit for they is no unrighteousness with God My friends. In fact God decided to Glorify himself by this particular way, of letting His own people fall into sin only so to save them!

He shows mercy to who He wants to show mercy to. In fact the real definition of Grace is God chose those He wanted to give grace to and decided not to give those that He did not want to give it to. God did not base this decision on race, gender, nationality or works, but solely chose out of His own discretion.

However those chosen unto ertenal life where descendants of Adam. Thus they where sinners for they have sin in ther inside inherited from Adam. If they had no sin then salvation would be unecessary. But sin makes salvation a necessity.God cannot live with a sinner in spite of the love He may have for those that He chose unto Himself.

Those He chose where all sinners, Those that He did not choose where sinners, all where sinners. Now those chosen of God must still satisfy God’s righteous standard.

In order to communicate His great requirement that the elect must be righteous, we see God instituting a system by which the elect of God where to offer sacrifces with the help of the priesthood.

The sacrifices where essentially communicating that instead of the sinner dying in payment of sin committed, an animal was to die instead, but this was a symbolic gesture for in reality an animal cannot die for the sins of man thus necessacitating the death of Jesus whose sacrifice satisfied God the Father.

Hebrews 10:4-7 explains this well how the blood of bulls and goats could never have taken away sins, thus making the sinless and perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ necessary.

[ For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins. Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me: In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure. Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.Hebrews 10:4-]

The priesthood acted as go between God and man, It acted as a mediator between OT believers [ Israel] and God. yet the priesthood itself was made up of people descended from Adam thus it was once more a symbolic gesture for in reality no descendant of sinfull Adam can be a mediator between man and God. This is why the claim of the papacy as the bridge between God and the believer is outright false and should be condemned for no man born of Adam can ever be a way to the father.

Even the law that God instituted in Israel so that they may adhere to it, could have never have caused righteousness, for Israel dismally failed to adhre to it. God did not give this Law by accident He already knew and this whole system was a prophecy and pointer to the real way.
The Law of Moses was never a way it was a guardian, a pointer to the real way, Christ! The Sacrifices, the law, The priesthood where systems, that as we can clearly see where temporary and therefore cannot be the way, They where a shadow of something more excellent.Christ!
Now we have seen the sad state of all human systems, Now Jesus amidst all failure and inadequate systems says ” Iam the Way”

This is by no means a simple claim. Jesus was a man, and a special man for that matter for He was born not of Adam’s seed but the Holy Spirit came upon Mary in order that she may conceive.

“That there has been a supreme manifestation of God in the person of Jesus Christ is a fundamental conviction of Christianity and it is part of the task of theology to interpret this belief to the understanding . The fact to the incarnation is witnessed to by the records of the New Testament , by the impression made by Jesus in the minds of the desciples, and by the religious experience of the church. The doctrine of the incarnation was formulated under the stress of controversy. The orthodox doctrine is that Christ is of one Substance with the Father, and that He is two natures, divine and human, in one person. This statement was adopted in the council of Nicea, 325, and Chalcedon, 451”- W.R Matthew, Theology in Morden Thought, New Universal Encyclopedia

This divine, human aspect of Jesus is unequaled by no other man who has ever lived, Periodically in the OT this nature of Jesus was communicated in the types and Shadows of Jesus Christ.

Joseph, Enoch, and Elijah where commended as having been good men, but none of them could ever have been holy enough to save elect sinners from hell, All these men where born of Adam’s seed and thus could never have been the way but pointers to the way.

The Divinity of Jesus Christ is best communicated by the very mysterious charecter called Melchiezedek, who according to scripture had neither mother, father, beggining nor end.

The truth is every man descended from Adam is a sinner derseving of death, thus the truth is, every man has an endless number of sins even at birth and by that token cannot pay for the sins of another man.

This is why Bhuddha, Mary, Ancestral Spirits have nothing to do with any man’s salvation. Here is how: Mary was born of Adam’s seed, she was not divine thus was a sinner. Some by this token might argue that if Mary was a sinner then Jesus too was a sinner but thats not true, Jesus was supernaturally conceived such that He would never be contaminated by any sin. Joseph Smith, Muhammad & Bhuddha like Mary where descended from Adam, hence could never have been able to offer salvation on any account for unlike Christ who was sinless they where all sinful men descended from Adam in need of salvation for themselves.

Ancestral Spirits, [ Amadlozi, Vadzimu] are spirits claiming to be of dead men and cannot therefore save man since the dead people they supposedly represent where sinful descendants of Adam.

No system divised by any other man other than Christ can be a way to the Father. Judaism, Catholiscm, Islam and Ancestral Worship contain nothing of a road to God the father.They are mere delusions. Here is why: Judaism makes mockery of Christ by rejecting is Messianic Qualities.
It rejects Christ as the fulfillment to the promises made to David and Abraham despite the fact that the New testament clearly explains how Old Testament prophecy pertaining the person and role of Christ has been fullfilled by Him. Islam demotes Christ to something less than a saviour who is merely human and not divine, ancestral worship like Catholiscm hopes to evoke dead man to act as mediators between God and men. Catholicsm claims that the Pope is the Bridge between man and God hence his title Pontiff.
Brethren, therefore rekoice in the knowledge that we have set our hope on the Only Way that surpasses all and every vain thing ever divised by mere men. let us Rejoice in the Hope of an excellent way, Jesus Christ!


The Promise

17200989_266267647152161_9187323777156005703_nHow often have you heard people say that you must stand with the current state of Israel against the Palestinians In order to enjoy God’s blessing. In fact many churches and politicians across the world have bought into this idea. In fact opposing this idea will cause many to label you as a Jew Hater, Anti Semitic.

Such people assume that the When God told Abraham that all nations would be blessed through His offspring, it implied that people must without question support the Israeli side in the Arab/ Israeli conflict.

We must however realise that Paul in Galatians 3:16 and Peter in Acts 3:25-26 makes it clear that the seed spoken of is Jesus Christ not the current state of Israel. This was not certainly referring to the State of Israel as we know it today.

Acts of the Apostles 3:25-26 Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, And in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed.

Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities.
Galatians 3:16 Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.

God’s blessing is to those Jews and Gentiles in Christ Alone who as I shall explain is the seed of Abraham. Thus supporting the State of Israel is not a prerequisite to eternal blessing. The remnant of God was saved by Grace through faith in the various types and shadows that pointed to Christ.

OT Israel was the elect called out just like the new testament church made up of the believers called out unto salvation in Christ. Even the Jews and Gentiles in our own time are saved by Grace, justified by God Given Faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Some of these brethren accuse us of spiritualizing the Jewish identity but if this is true then let them dare accuse Apostle Paul of Spiritualizing the Jewish identity in Romans 8:28- 29 which says ” for no one is a jew who is merely one outwardly nor is circumcision outward and physical, but a Jew is inwardly and circumcision is a matter of the heart by the spirit not the letter, his praises is not from man but from God.
The jewish identity is not outward and therefore only God knows the real Jews, by this very token Christians are not obliged to support the current state of Israel under guise of Jewish identity for this is an inward matter.

Also the outward symbols of the Jewish identity such as circumcision as prescribed by the Law where fulfilled in Christ for Christ did not come to abolish the Law but He fulfilled the Law.
OT Israel and its systems point to this new reality in Jesus Christ.

This is the truth, An earthly OT Israel was a pointer to Spiritual realities in the NT Church. That’s why in Galatians 4:21 – 31 Paul compares the New Covenant to Sarah and Isaac, while comparing the Sinai Covenant to Hagar and Ishmael, on basis of this comparison Paul teaches us that we are not under the Law but under Grace.
They are brethren amongst us who despise the fulfillment of prophecy, the Law and the Levitical system in Christ. Yet we know that Christ fulfilled the Law, the types and shadows of the Old testament system,
Colossians 2:16-17 explains that the feasts, Sabbath, the food laws and holidays where a shadow of the things to come whose substance is Christ
[Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ. Collosians 2:16-17]

Hebrew 10: 1 says that the Law was a SHADOW of good things to come, What else could have been good other than Christ,
[For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the comers thereunto perfect.- Hebrews 10:1]

Christ was a fulfillment of the levitical priesthood, the temple itself, the sacrifices. Why again must there be yet a temple and blood flowing from sacrifices, for Christ was an excellent sacrifice, even rising from the dead, so good was he that we have no use for animal sacrifices which could not even take away sin. A third temple, Christ showed us they is no need, for the fabric that formerly separated man from God was torn thus signalling access to God through Him. The priesthood, He is now our High Priests, now every believer is a priest with a purpose to offer praises to Him!

Thus the promise of a seed by which all nations are to be blessed is not fulfilled by either the current State of Israel or any Jewish person. The seed spoken of to Abraham is Jesus Christ as Paul explains in Galatians 3:16.

Taking the Israeli side in the Arab/Israeli conflict wont surely be a source of this blessing, rather the seed spoken of is Jesus Christ through whom by God Given faith we believe so that we may be justified as righteous. This great salvation through the seed is the blessing promised unto us.

The current state of Israel in its hatred of all things Christian is not a fulfillment of the promised seed that would bless all nations.
To say that the current state of Israel is a fulfillment of God’s promised seed by which all nations would be blessed is false, is a materialistic rendering of scripture.

How is the above interpretation different from the those who claim that Abrahams’ blessings are theirs in form of cash, good health and worldly things, while neglecting the fact that the real Blessing of Abraham that comes by God given Faith is Salvation.

To say that the State of Israel is a fulfillment of the promised seed is simply untrue. Just like the tithe giving “believers” living in bondage to Mosaic Law and the Sabbath keeping SDA’s, those who claim that the State of Israel is a fulfillment of the promised seed rely not on the New Testament to intepret the Old Testament as should be the case.

Rather they pull out an OT practice or promise and apply it directly to either themselves or the current state of Israel.
This is dangerous and wrong for two reasons, It ignores the strong Christ centred theme of all scripture. Just like the many Pharisees and Jews ignored that all scripture was about Jesus yet Jesus reminded them about This fact that indeed He was the subject of all scripture in John 5:39

The second reason why such an intepretation is wrong is that its at its best carnal as opposed to the its true intent. The practice ignores the fact that OT Israel was never an end unto itself but a pointer to the New Testament Church that includes both Jews and Gentiles.
Brethren Israel is not the subject of all scripture, the subject of all Law, Prophecy in the OT is Jesus Christ.Judaism is is not a way to God the Father because all the practices of Judaistic ritual as prescribed by the Law where fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Therefor Apart from Jesus Christ they is no other way.

As i conclude, lets look at Jeremiah 31, a chapter commonly misused and misinterpreted to dupe brethren into believeing that the current state of Israel is the seed by which if we support we shall be blessed.

As i have explained before scripture interprets scripture and Jeremiah 31:31-36 is cited in Hebrews 8:8-13 !

Thus in order to understand Jeremiah 31:31-36 better we compare Jeremiah 31:31-36 with Hebrews 8:8-13. On comparing the two passages we soon realise that Hebrews 8:8-13 a new covenant is described with Israel is described. The New covenant is not the one made with the fathers at Sinai as they had just come out of Egypt.

This certainly was written way after the Davidic covenant had been made thus Jeremiah 31:31-36 is to be seen as a prophecy of the New Covenant in Christ for at the beginning of Hebrews 8:6 we are told that Christ is a mediator of this better covenant that was promised in Jeremiah 31, Now we know that Christ’s is a mediator to the Father of both Jews and Gentiles thus we know that Israel in Jeremiah 31 refers to both elect Jews and Gentiles and not the Political entity known as the state of Israel.

In Hebrews 8:13 we are told that in speaking of a New covenant [ which is better] He makes the old one obsolete [ of no effect, and old fashioned ] How does He make the old covenant obsolete?
He makes it obsolete by the very fact that He fulfilled the requirements of the Old Covenant, what where these requirements? The requirements where the observance and obedience to the Law of Moses.

Thus Brethren, the seed of Abraham is indeed Jesus Christ the Mediator of a better covenant, who having fulfilled the burdensome requirements of the old covenant has brought us into salvation by God Given Faith in His Person and Finished Work.

Second Glory

Must I go unto Jerusalem in order that I may meet God?, is Israel a gateway to heaven. Must I go to some mountain somewhere in order that I might be deliverd, must I meet some pastor, prophet or apostle in order that I may meet God?
In this article I show from scripture that the idea of pilgrimage to the so called holy places and holy land either in Israel or anywhere on the planet is at its best idolatrous and not Holy at All. Now we shall begin by looking at Haggai 2:6-9


[For this is what the Lord of armies has said: In a short time I will make a shaking of the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land and I will make a shaking of all the nations, and the desired things of all nations will come: and I will make this house full of my glory, says the Lord of armies. The silver is mine and the gold is mine, says the Lord of armies The second glory of this house will be greater than the first, says the Lord of armies: and in this place I will give peace, says the Lord of armies]

The description in Haggai 2:6-9 certainly neither refers to the temple after the exile, nor does it refer to the temple as renovated by Herod.
For none of these where as glorious as the temple of Solomon. How could Herod’s temple ever be more glorious than the first if it was destroyed in AD 70 just like the first temple was destroyed by the Babylonians.
As for both temples that came after Solomon’s temple, none was as glorious , here is the evidence:

First of all unlike in the first temple the ark of the covenant was no longer in the either of the temples, Secondly at the inaguration of the Solomon’s temple, God brought fire from heaven and it consumed the sacrifices on the altar, this never happened either at the inaguration of the Zerrubabel’s temple or Herod’s temple.

In fact Zerrubabel’s temple was way less glorious than that of Solomon that those who had seen Solomon’s temple knew that Zerrubabel’s temple could in no way ever be compared to Solomon’s temple

[ But many of the priests and Levites and heads of fathers’ houses, old men who had seen the first house, wept with a loud voice when they saw the foundation of this house being laid, though many shouted aloud for joy – Ezra 3:12 ]

[ ‘Who is left among you who saw this house in its former glory? How do you see it now? Is it not as nothing in your eyes? – Haggai 2:3 ]

Therefore clearly when Haggai speaks of the second glory He speaks neither of Zerrubabel’s temple nor Herod’s temple for none of these where any more glorious than Solomon’s temple.


[ Then answered the Jews and said unto him, What sign shewest thou unto us, seeing that thou doest these things? Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days? But he spake of the temple of his body – John 2:18-21]

Clearly Jesus is the temple foreshadowed by the temple of Solomon with greater glory than that of the former and within Him dwells all Holiness undefiled, thus if Christ is the Holy place, the believer has no need to search for any holier place on the planet except Christ. His Glory is greater than that of Solomon’s temple. Just think of it this way, the other temples where destroyed! Christ died but rose again, How is that not more Glorious!

Its through the Second Glory that we have peace with the Father, for through His sacrifice we are exempt from punishment from sin!

Jesus even became the High Priest and Holy of Holies, for in Him by Him we Have access to the Father. Even the Day of atonement that used to happen once a Year at the temple, we realise Jesus was an fullfilment of this day, On the day when he was sacrificed, The sins of the elect where thus paid in full.

We could go on and on explaining from the scriptures how the temple was a foreshadow of Jesus Christ and still we would never be able to exhaust all there is to explain.

Paul makes it abundantly clear that the earthly Jerusalem and its symbols including the temple represent the Law but the believer being free from the Law belongs to the Jerusalem above.

Therefore the Believer places value only in Christ, not even on the tomb of Christ for even Christ arose from the tomb, Now He is seated at the right hand of the Father.

Since the temple at Jerusalem was the Holiest of places in the Old testament, It has thus been duplicated by those who have failed to see this very clear thing that Jesus was a fulfillment of the Holy Temple.

So thus being blind to this fact they have gone on to create their own miniature “temples” and “Jerusalems” where its said that the memembers of such a denominantion visit in search of God [ Yes thats what they say, we are going to search for His presence]

Suffice to say that when Christ came, The temple, he became, the terbanacle, he became, there was thus and there is thus no need to go for pilgrimage in a place to search for God. Pilgrimage to a place in search for God is alien to Christianity, its an idea of idolaters and other false religions.


Idolaters value a place, a geographical location and items as represantatives of God’s power or even God Himself.
Thus the doctrine of holy places and shrines is not scriptural. Moslems have Mecca, The Bhuddist has Bodh Gaya, the Shintoist has Ise Grand shrine dedicated to the sun goddess.

The Bahai has the The Holy shrine of the Bab and the Holy Shrine of the Baha’u’llah.
Many confessing Christians believe to this day that Jerusalem is a Holy City in fact they call the current state of Israel ” Holy Land” This is not only untrue but a direct attack on the Glory of the Latter temple, Jesus Christ, The Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Coptic, Armenian Apostolic church has has the Church of Holy Sepulchure in Jerusalem as His Holiest place.

The Mormon regards the Holy of Holies room in the LDS temple at Salt Lake City to be the Holiest place. Pagan priests set up shrines calling them holy.


Even the idea of church is not in a building made by human hands or the ground on which the building is constructed on. The church is people called out by God unto salvation, The Biblical idea of fellowship does not carry with it an idea of holy places because the Christian requires not a Holy place, His holy place is Jesus Christ.

Christ is Head of the church and the church is defined as the people called out, Christ is the Groom, the church is the Bride. When the bible speaks about the church as a Bride it does not speak of a geographical location or a building constructed by human hands.

When the Bible speaks about the church, it does not refer to that building known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchure in Jerusalem nor St Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican.
Also when the bible speaks about the holiness of the church, it does not refer to false idea that the Church of the Holy Sepulchure in Jerusalem is a holy place, rather its an idea applied to those called out also called the church.

Therefore they is no room whatsoever for the delusion that a mere piece of ground can ever be thought as “holy ground” Some say, it must follow that since Jesus was Holy, whatever place He walked on became just as Holy, Thus they conclude that since Jesus walked mostly in Israel, Israel is the Holy Land.
First the idea of Holiness is this, that God alone is Holy, Since Jesus is God, therefore Jesus is Holy and whatever was formerly called Holy was a foreshadow of The Holy and Only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ. Therefore once Jesus was here neither place nor object could ever be designated”Holy” other than Jesus Himself.
The righteousness of Christians is not righteousness of a geographical location but its the righteousness of Jesus Christ imputed upon the believer by faith.

Like the religions mentioned above and their shrines are much more similar to what many denominations are doing for they are creating places akin to shrines where its believed that the devil cannot access the location.

This world no more has either a holy place, Only Christ is Holy and its Him we pray to when in distress, we go to no man as mediator between us and God. In fact guest houses, prayer mountains and the idea that these places can be thought of as Holy has no biblical basis. If any one ever uses the bible in defence of such then its bound to be some verse pulled out of context to support idolatry.

The idea of so called prayer mountains, guest houses is an idea that has more in common with the pagan shrines, Just as the Shintoist belives that Mt Fuji is sacred to the Shinto godess Fuchi. How is this idea of prayer mountains different from the pagans of Ancient Greece who so believed that Mt Olympus was a habitation of 12 Greek gods.

ZAOGA has its own Gomo re Bindura, UFIC has Life Haven, Paul Sanyangore has his own pool of Bethsaida, Another false teacher and prophet Walter Magaya has Yadah Village. Somehow all these places have attained a status of “holy” in the eyes of many especially judging by the way these people flock to such places.

Thus these places are just as good as pagan shrines, for pagans believe that one must be in a certain place to access god, yet we Know that the bible tells us that God is ALL PRESENT not limited and never limited into a particular place.

Magwaro oga!

17795812_277441636034762_1766000206667461594_nMuchikamu chakapfuura taiwongorora mhinduro inoti tinoponeswa kuburikidza nani uye tinomiririrwa nani kuna baba. Muchikamu chanhasi tinoda kuongorora muvhunzo unoti: Dzidziso yedu maererano nekutenda inobvepi? Tichawongorora kuti bhaibheri rinotaura richiti kudii pamusoro penyaya iyi, Asi tichatanga zvakare tambowongorora zvaiitika panguva ye Reformation.
Va Reformer vaipikisa kwazvo dzidziso ye kereke ye Roma yaiti iyo tsika dzakare, Baba ve Kereke ye Roma pamwe nemagwaro zvaive nesimba pamusoro pemu Kristu. VaReformer vaiti ivo bhaibheri bedzi iro shoko raMwari ndiro rinesimba uye risina parakanganisiska.
Ndiko saka uchiti ukaverenga zvinyorwa zvavareformer zvakaita se Zvinyorwa zvinotsanangura chitendero cheva reformer ku Belgia, ku Herivhetia [ 1563 ] ne Katikazi ye Hieldeberg [1536], unoona kuti va Reformer pazvose zvavainyora vaizvitora mumagwaro. Uye vaida kwazvo kuti vanhu vose vakwanise kuva nemagwaro. Asi kereke ye Roma yaizviramba izvi ichiti Vakuru vekereke voga ndivo vaibvumirwa kuva namagwaro.


Mugore ra 1415 Jan Hus wekunyika ye Chekosirovhakiya wakaurairwa ku Jerimani, Wakaurairwa mhosva yokuti wakanga apikisa dzidziso dze kereke ye Roma. Jan Hus wakadzingwa kereke ye Roma asi izvi hazvina kumudzivisa pabasa rake rokuparidza bhaibheri.

Wakaramba achiparidza uye achishoropodza tsika ya baba we kereke ye Roma uyo wainyepera vatendi kuti vakapa mari kwaari, mari iyi yazoripa zvivi zvavo, uyezve avo vaive ne hama dzakafa vaitaurirwa kunzi vaikwanisawo kutenga ruregerero urwu kune kereke ye Roma.

Uye Kereke ye Roma yaiti baba ve kereke ye Roma vanesimba rakangofanana nere bhaibheri pakupa dzidziso, Izvi Jan Hus waizviramba achsimbisa dzidziso yokuti shoko roga ndiro rinesimba pamusoro pomuKristu.
Zvisinei kuti wanga atarisana norufu, Jan Hus wakaita nharo ndokuramba kutenduka pa dzidziso dzake idzo dzaibva mu bhaibheri uye dzichipikisana ne dzidziso dze kereke ye Roma.


Mugore ra 1521 Martin Luther mushure mokunge anyora zvinyorwa zvaishoropodza kereke ye Roma wakamiswa pamberi pe pedare ra Mambo Charles. Martin Luther wakataura achiti bhaibheri roga ndiro raiva nesimba pamusoro pake uye haaizo tendeuka kana kukumbira ruregerero maringe nezvaakange anyora zvaipokana ne dzidziso ye kereke ye Roma.


Mugore ra 1536, WilliamTyndale wakadzipwa ndokusungirirwa pa danda, mutumbi wake ndokupiswa. Va Tyndale vakafira kuripa mhosva yoku dudzira bhaibheri kubva muchi Giriki achiisa mururimi rwechi Ngisi, ChiNgisi ndivo waiva mutauro we Humambo hwe Ngirandi. Kududzira bhaibheri kubva muchi Giriki uchiisa murumwe rurimi zvarwo yaiva mhosva huru chose nguva iyoyo.
Mazuva iwayo semazuvawo a Jan Hus, Ma Bhishopi, Ma Fata nevamwe vakuru vechechi ye Roma ndivo voga vaibvumirwa kuverenga Bhaibheri. Bhaibheri raiwanikwa bedzi mururimi rweva Roma [Latin] uye mururimi rwechi Giriki mitauro miviri iyi yaizivikanwa nevashoma.

Pakatombova nenguva iyo bhaibheri paraisabvumidzwa, nanhasi kunenyika dzakawanda kwarisingabvumidzwe. Panguva ye Reformation vanhu vaitourayirwa kuridudzira kubva muchi giriki kana latin kuriisa mumutauro weruzhinji.


[Panyaya ye dudziro Kereke ye Roma yaitaura ichiti iyo yoga ndiyo yaiziva zvaireva bhaibheri, uye ndiyo yoga yaikwanisa kuridudzira zvizere. Uye kereke pakududzira magwaro yakanga isingatarise ichinyatsowongorora bhaibheri zvakadzama. Zvose zvirimubhaibheri zvaingonzi zvine zvazvinoreva zvakavanzika. Semuenzaniso Mabhuku ose emu bhaibheri e Mutemo, Chiporofita, Nhetembo ne Nhoorondo ainzi anezvakavanzika zvaanoreva. Uye zvakare kereke ye Roma yaiti dudziro yayo ye bhaiberi yakabva kuva apostora.

Dzidziso ye kereke ye Roma inoti iyo simba ravana baba ve Roma rakabva kuna Petro uyo wavanotenda kuti ndiye wakava baba vekereke ye Roma vokutanga.

Vekereke ye Roma vaitenda uye nanhasi vanotenda kuti simba iri rekuregerera nesimba ra baba wekereke ye Roma rakabva apo Petro paakapihwa chizaruko chokuti Jesu mwana komana waMwari.
Muna Mateu 16:15-18
Akati kwavari ko imi munoti ndini ani? Ipapo Simoni Petro akapindura akati, ndimi Kristu Mwanakomana wa Mwari Mupenyu. Jesu akapindura akati kwaari, wakaropafadzwa iwe Simoni Bar-Jona nokuti nyama neropa hazvina kukuzivisa izvozvo asi Baba vangu varikudenga. Neni ndinoti kwauri ndiwe Petro, pamusoro poruware urwu ndichavaka kereke yangu, masuvo ehedhesi haangaikunde.]
Chisingazivikanwi nava katoriki ndechekuti Jesu waitoudza Petro kuti kereke yaizovakwa pamusoro pechizaruko kwete pamusoro pa Petro. Va reformer zvose izvi vaizviziva


Muchikamu chechipiri chezviyorwa zvinotsanangura Chitendero cheva Reformer che Herivhetika VaReformer vanonyora vachiti

“Naizvozvo tinoramba tsika dzakare chero dzikava namazita anoshamisira sekuti dzinehumwari nehuapostora, tsika dzinoita sekuti dzikapihwa ku kereke nava nemazwi mapenyu ava apostora ndokupihwa avo vanozviti vanehuapostora avo vakazopawo vanozviti vateedzeri vavo ivo mabishopi, asi tsika idzi dzichiti dzikatariswa hadzibvumirane namagwaro…..”

Zvino Vareformer vaisimbisa dzidziso ye bhaibheri inoti hakuna chiporofita cherugwaro chinodudzirwa nemunhu. Saka vaisimbisa nhau yokuti magwaro anodudzira mamwe magwaro. Mchikamu chechipiri chezviyorwa zvinotsanangura Chitendero cheva Reformer che Herivhetika VaReformer vanonyora zvakare vachitsanangura kuti

“Dudziro yechokwadi haibvi kunomunhu, uye hatitambire chero dudziro, zvakare hatitambiri dudziro yye kereke ye roma. Asi tinoti tsananguro ne dudziro yamagwaro kwayo inobva mubhaibheri [ kubva mundimi dzakashandiswa kunyora magwaro, zviitiko zvaitora nzvimbo zvichitsanangurwa namagwaro iwayo izvi zviviri zvoshandiswa kuwana dudziro yeawo magwaro akasiyana neawo akajeka] uye dudziro iyi inofanirwa kubvumirana nemutemo wekutenda nerudo uye dudziro iyi inofanirwa kupa mbiri kuna Mwari nemukununurwa kwavanhu”

Asi ka tisati tafambira mberi ngativerengei kuna Mabasa 17:11 ”
Ava vakanga vachinzwisisa kukunda veTesaronika, vakagamuchira shoko nomwoyo wose, vachinzvera magwaro zuva rimwe nerimwe, kanazvinhu izvozvo zviri izvo”

Izvi ngazvitirangaridze kuti kana tiri vaKristu kune chinhu chimwe chinonzi “reference point” Ishoko chete, hativhunzi amwe mabhuku asinei nechekuita ne bhaibheri, pachiKristu tinodzokera kwaari magwaro toongorora kuti tiri mugwara here. PachiKristu hatitaure tichiti nhingi ati tinoti bhaibheri rati. Uye Mwari vanotaura bedzi kuburikidza nezvakanyorwa mushoko.

1 Vakorinde 4 : 6 apo Pauro anoti
“Zvino, hama dzangu, zvinhu izvi ndakanyora ndichizvifananidzira ini naAporo, nokuda kwenyu; kuti mudzidze kwatiri kusapfuvura izvo zvakanyorwa, kuti mumwe arege kuzvikudza, achitsaura mumwe kunomumwe”
Tinotoona kuti apa Pauro unotoyambira VaKorinde kuti vasapfuure izvo zvakanyorwa. Kazhinji isu tinowira mukutaura zvisimo mumagwaro, tichida kuita setakachenjera asi izvi zvakaipa.
Muna Mateu 16:15-18
Akati kwavari ko imi munoti ndini ani? Ipapo Simoni Petro akapindura akati, ndimi Kristu Mwanakomana wa Mwari Mupenyu.
Jesu akapindura akati kwaari, wakaropafadzwa iwe Simoni Bar-Jona nokuti nyama neropa hazvina kukuzivisa izvozvo asi Baba vangu varikudenga. Neni ndinoti kwauri ndiwe Petro, pamusoro poruware urwu ndichavaka kereke yangu, masuvo ehedhesi haangaikundi.
Zvinoreva kuti Jeso vaiizovaka chechi yavo pamusoro pechizaruko chohumwanakomana wavo. Zvino chizaruko cha jesu ichi hachiwanikwe pama firimu kana muma novel chinowanikwa mu bhaibheri dzvene. Chechi isingakurirwi ne wakaipa ichechi ya Jesu, chechi dzevanhu dzinorasika pashoko dzinofa, dzinogona kuita sedzirikubudirira asi mukati makafanana nevanhu vaenda kunhandare kundoona mitambo.

VaHebheru 1:1-2 inoti
Mwari wakataura kare kunamadzibabamuvaporofita nemigove mizhinji uye nemitovo mizhinji, zvino pakupedzisira wakataura kwatiri muMwanakomana wake, waakaita mudyi wenhaka yezvinhu zvose waakaita vo naye nyika.
Zvino chizaruko chese cha Jesu hatichiwana mu hope, kana pagwenzi rinopfuta sa Mozisi, kana muchiporofita. Chizaruko cha Jeso tinochiwana chakazara mumagwaro, asi vakawanda izvi vanozvipikisa vachitsvaka matauriro amwe Mwari avangaita. Imo mukurasa magwaro ndimo mukurasika munoita vakawanda, nokuti vanoudzwa zvinhu zvinotsausa.

Bhaibheri kuna VaEfeso 2:20 rinotitaurira kuti
“Makavakwa pamusoro penheyo dzavaapostora navaporofita, Kristu Jesu amene ari ibwe rapakona”.

Vamwe vanofunga kuti izvi zvinoreva kuti nanhasi tichinevaporofita, vamwewo ndovanofunga kuti tichiine vaapostora, asi ka zvirikurehwa kunavaapostora ndezvekuti Vaporofita vatestemete yakare, navaapostora savana Pauro vakatsanangura dzidziso yevangeri mutsamba dzavo kuva Korinde, Varoma, VaTesaronika, VaKorose, Timotiyo ndivo ndivo vakagadzira nheyo.

Chiporofita che testamente yakare chainanga pana Kristu, nedzidziso dzevaapostora ndiwo ma foundations e kereke. Zvinhu zvose izvi tinozviwana mumagwaro, Hatizviwane muimwe nzvimbo kunze kwemumagwaro.

Kubva kutestamente yakare uko kwatinowana zviporofita zvinotaura nezva Kristu, Abhurahama unovimbiswa kuti nyika ichakomborerwa kuburikidza naye, wairehwa ndi Jesu, Dhavidha unoudzwa kunzi uchatonga nokusingaperi wairehwa ndi Jesu, izvi handizvo zvoga zviporofita zvinonongedza kuna Jesu, tikaverenga zvakadzama testamente yakare tinoona zviporofita zvakawandisa zvinotinongedza kuna Jesu.

2 Timothy 3 : 16 – 17 inotiudza kuti
“Rugwaro rwose rwakafuridzirwa naMwari, runobatsira pakudzidzisa, nokuraira, nokururamisa, nokuranga kuri mukururama,kuti munhu waMwari akwane, agadzirirwa kwazvo mabasa ose akanaka.
Dzidzo dzeruramo hadzibve mumanovel kana muma bhuku e motivation kana iya yavanoti self help asi zvaMwari zvinobva mumagwaro.

Uyu anoda kuva mudzidzisi weshoko, muvhangeri kana muparidzi anebhuku rimwe raanofanirwa kunzwisisa zvakadzama, Anofanirwa kunzwisisa bhaiberi zvakazara.
Shoko raMwari nderemutendi uye rinonanga panhu pamwe, panyaya ya Jesu uyo chizaruko uye anoratidza kubwinya kwaMwari kuzere. Saka vhangeri neshoko ra Mwari.

Pauro anoti Vhangeri isimba kuruponeso kuneavo vanotenda, Pauro oti zve kuva Korinde vhangeri hupenzi kune avo varikuparara asi kwatiri vatendi isimba.
Saka kana tichiti Shoko chete tirikutoireva kuti panyaya dzeruponeso hatina kumwe kwatingawana ruzivo maererano nezva Jesu kana tisinga vhuri magwaro.
Muna va Efeso 6:17 zvinonzi torai chombo chemweya. Mweya mutsvene ndivo zvee vakafemera vanyori vamagwaro, zvinoreva kuti Mweya mutsvene Vanotitungamirira mukushandisa chombo ichi.

Saka tinonzwisisa kuti Mweya Mutsvene vanototinongedzera kuna Jesu mumagwaro nekuti ndivo zve vakafemera vanyori vemagwaro. Muna Johane 15:26 Jesu anoti ndichatumira kubva kuna Baba, Mweya Mutsvene uyo anopupura nezvangu.
​Bhaibheri rose rinotaura rakananga pana Kristu, muhushumiri hwake, muhupenyu hwake usina chivi uye mubasa rake rekufira avao vaka sarudzwa, vakazivikanwa, vakadanwa, vakapihwa kuruma uye nokucheneswa.
Vajudha vairasika chose vachifunga kuti magwaro anotaurawo zvimwe asi Jesu unovaonesa nokuvatsanagurira kuti magwaro awa anotaura nezvake oga.

” Ipapo akatanga kunaMozisi navaporofita vose, akadudzira kwavari magwaro ose zvinhu zviri maererano naye” -Ruka 24:27
“Nzverai magwaro, nokuti maari, munofunga kuti mune upenyu bwusingaperi ndiwo anondipupurira ini”.- Johane 5:39

False anointing!


Christ warns us of many false christs [ Mark 13:6, 13:22 ] to come, many people tend to think of false christs in terms of actual people only, but in actual sense a false Christ could be anything that carries a title of ‘anointed’, A false Christ could be anything that claims to do what Only Christ did. A false Christ could be anything to which the characteristics of Christ may be attributed when in fact it does not has no right to have the characteristics of Christ attributed to it. If Christ is the only one deserving of the title Anointed One then everything and anyone else with a title anointed one is a false Christ.

How so wishful to think or believe therefore that Soap, oil, or ball point pens can be annointed. If anyone so claims that such things can be anointed then well all they are doing is they are peddling a false christ. The furnishings in the temple and the ceremonial robes of the high priest where prescribed by the Law of Moses.

The Law of Moses is obsolete in our own time; it was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ by faith it is therefore important to realize that the prescriptions of Mosaic Law are not binding on the Christian conscience and practice. [Galatians 3:13-14] [Galatians 4:21-31] The use of anointing oil is unbiblical, as it usurps the work of Christ as the mediator between God and men because instead of having Christ as a go between them and God they choose to place their trust in objects.

The use of anointing oil and all sorts of related objects ignores the fact that God is all Present, All powerful and All Knowing thus without need to package His divine power in oil and other useless objects. The use of anointing oil ignores the fact that God the Holy Spirit lives within every regenerate Christian and does not live in objects.

Those in favour of using “anointed objects are many, In fact official Catholic dogma is in support of this practice , Certainly many non Catholics who trace their origin of their faith to the protestant reformation have adopted Catholic habits which they must in actual fact distaste and condemn. There are several scriptures those in favour of using ‘anointing oil ‘often cite as support.

Below i have listed 4 passages from scripture that Catholics and likeminded Protestants abuse, as you shall realise the scriptural passages are taken out of context and misinterpreted to support the very idolatrous and unbiblical practice of selling ‘anointed objects’. Below each verse I have inserted a brief comment that clearly shows how the verse does not in any way support the use of ‘anointed objects’ False anointing

1. The Israelites took Joseph’s bones when they departed Egypt Exodus 13:19 So does this mean we ought to take bones of martyrs everywhere with us and sell them? Did Christ or the Apostles ever command this in the gospel and the epistles?

2. Elisha took a mantle of Elijah and fashioned a miracle with it 2 Kings 2:13 That verse doesn’t say that Elisha went around selling the mantle of Elijah, giving it out to people.

3. The bones of Elisha came in contact with a dead person who then was raised to life 2 Kings 13:21, The verse cannot be used as justification for the use of anointed objects because those bones weren’t being peddled when they caused that miracle, it was truly a miracle, spontaneous as it where

4. The Christians of Ephesus by using hand kerchiefs and cloths touched by Paul skin effected the healing of the sick Acts 19: 12 The handkerchief was not mass produced and sold to partners who where seeding in Paul’s ministry, Besides did Paul thereby command in His epistles that handkerchiefs and anointing oil must be mass produced in factories to be sold or given to congregants for purposes of healing?

In each of the cases where supernatural events are attributed to objects, the events where purely miraculous, unplanned and spontaneous, we know of no instance where any of those objects where venerated [the word venerate means to worship and adore.] It is clear many are being misled into believing that the use of ‘anointed objects’ indeed are biblically permissible and can be venerated or worshipped, Catholics and many Protestants who support the use of ‘anointed objects’ deny that the use of anointed objects is tantamount to worship, yet when one places their faith or hope in an object we can rightly call that worship.

In the Old testament God did make such specific commandments pertaining worship: Cursed is the one who makes a carved or moulded image, an abomination to the Lord, The work of the hands of the craftsman, and sets it up in secret. And all the people shall answer and say amen! Deuteronomy 27: 15 You shall not have any other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image –any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Exodus 20: 4-5

The above verses are very clear, there was never provision for any Israelite to create whatsoever object that in turn would be blessed or anointed so that it may act as a conduit for God’s power in order to cause the good health of the body or whatsoever thing a man desired. God is an unchanging God, whose righteous standard does not change.

In the gospels Jesus Christ commands Christians to love God and serve Him only. Some would like to ask, If God indeed could dwell in the Holy of Holies, if some people where struck dead by the power of God for holding this ark then will God not work through objects in our own day, just as He did?

The answer is, God in our own time does not dwell in a temple as in those days, rather God the Holy Spirit lives within every believer, and hence we are without need for an ark of the covenant, a tabernacle or any other object. In fact in Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 6:16 and 1 Corinthians 6:19 that we are indeed the temples of the Holy Spirit. Therefore circumstances that surrounded miraculous exploits of the apostles in the NT and prophets in the OT cannot be used as a yardstick for building doctrine.

The circumstances as recorded in the bible surrounding the occurrence of miracles in relation to the use of objects to achieve the miracles is radically different from how many Pentecostals handle this issue today. The involvement of money, among other reasons is a sure sign that the use of anointed objects is not a practice the contemporary church should embrace. Our contemporary church cannot use anointed objects or even use biblical circumstances as basis for doctrine for three reasons.

To be anointed means to be set apart and only Christ is the one set apart. Christ was set apart for the great work of redeeming the elect unto eternal life for the Glory of God. The term Messiah and Christ mean one thing ‘the anointed one’. Jesus is the Anointed one of God [Luke 4:18] In turn Christ has left us with the Holy Spirit. What does the Holy Spirit do?

He leads us unto all truth [John 16:13] and this truth is Jesus Christ [John 14:6] Where do we find this truth? We find this truth in scripture because the Holy Spirit inspired all scripture [2 Timothy 3:16] secondly all scripture testifies of Christ [John 1:17, 5:39] First of all whoever was to be annointed could only be anointed by a priest or prophet, anointing oil was not sold, David, Aaron never bought oil to do self anointing, All the anointing with oil pointed to the anointing of Christ as the only one set apart for the great task of redeeming the elect. God never set inanimate objects like ball point pens apart.

Passing an exam or failing an exam is immaterial to one’s salvation. People can just as much go to witch doctors for the same kind of pens that produce the same kind of results albeit with a different name. Anointing [setting apart] was never meant to set apart certain condoms or soap. There is just no scriptural basis for this madness. Only Jesus was set apart.

You can only realise that those in support of anointed objects seem closer to the idea of Sangomas who give out charms than it can be any closer to the bible. The peddling of ‘anointed objects’ defies the gospel it’s an idea of witchcraft and the occult yet the central message of the bible is the person and work of Jesus Christ, and that’s the gospel.

The gospel is the power unto salvation and the proclamation does not need the use of objects. Paul defines the gospel “Now I would remind you, brothers of the gospel i preached to you which you received: in which you stand and by which you are being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached to you unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with scriptures , that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures. [1 Corinthians 15:1-4] Yet despite the message of the bible being Christocentric many vain men have invented false christs and a false gospel that requires the assistance of manmade objects for purposes of salvation! Beware

Kristo Chete

Mumakore ana 1500 pakava negakava guru pakati pe Kereke ye Roma neva Reformer. Va Reformer vainge vasemeswa zvikuru nekumonyororwa kwaiitwa dzidziso dze bhaibheri ne kereke ye Roma. Va Reformer vaiva nedzidziso shanu dzavaitaura nezvadzo, idzi dzidziso dzaiva mhinduro kumivhunzo inotevera:

1.Tinoponeswa nei ?
2. Tinoruramiswa nei ? [ talk about the need for righteousness ]
3. Tinoraramirei ?
4. Tinonunurwa nani, uye tichimirirwa nani kuna Baba ?
5. Dzidziso dzechi Kristu dzose dzechitendero nemuraramiro womutendi dzinobvepi ?


Nhasi tirikuda kuongorora, topindura muvhunzo unoti tinonunurwa nani uye tinomiririrwa nani kuna Mwari Baba.

Kunevakawanda vanoverenga magwaro muvhunzo uyu haunetse kupindura nokuda kwekuti bhaibheri rinotsanangura nyaya iyi zvakajeka.
Tinoziva kuti Jesus Kristu ndiye Mupirisita Mukuru anotimirira Kuna Mwari Baba, Tinoziva kuti Jesu ndiye mwana wa Abhurahama uyo akanzi kuburikidza naye nyika tinokomborerwa.

Tinoziva kuti Jesu ndiye wakafira zvivi zveavo vakasarudzwa naBaba kuti vave nehupenyu husingaperi. Jeso ndiye gwayana risina chipomerwa rakafira zvivi, Jesu ndiye oga wakararama pano panyika asina chivi. Jeso wakafa kamwe chete uye akamuka zvinoreva kuti haarambi achifa ropa rake richibuda. Tinoziva kuti hakuna mumwe mununuri kunze kwa Jeso uye tinoziva kunze kwa Jesu hakuna ruponeso.

Vareformer vazhinji vaitosimbisawo manzwisiro awa atinoita basa ra Jeso ndiko saka vaipindura muvhunzo unoti tinoponeswa nani, uye tinomiririrwa nani? vachiti “Solo Christo” mururimi rwe Latin zvinoreva kuti Kristu Chete.


Tikawongorora dzidziso dzebhaibheri idzo dzaitendwa madziri navareformer tinoona dzichipokana zvikuru ne dzidziso dzakamonyororwa dzeKereke ye Roma semuenzaniso muna 1536 Va Reformer ve Mubatanidzwa we Herivhetika [ Switzerland ] vakanyora vachitsanangura dzidziso dzechitendero chechi Reformer umo mavanoshoropodza zvikuru manyepo echi e Kereke ye Roma anopikisa nokumonyorora Kristu nebasa rake.

Muchikamu chechishanu che [Confessio Helvetica Prior ] kana kuti chinyorwa chakanyorwa mugore ra 1562 chinotsanangura chitendero cheva Reformer munyika ye Herivhetika, va Reformer vanoshoropodza tsika dzekereke ye Roma dzoku remekedza, kurumbidza nokunamata va sande vakafa.
Va Reformer vanoshoropodza zvakare mifananidzo, zviumbwa, zvivezwa, zveva Sande vakafa. Muchinyorwa ichi va Reformer vanonyora zve vachisimbisa dzidziso yokuti Mwari havakwanise kushevedzwa kuburikidza nava sande varere mumakuva, asi vanokwanisa kunamatwa vachikumbirwa izvo zvatinokumbira kuburikidza na Jeso.

Mukatikazi ye Hieldeberg yakanyorwa muna 1563 mivhunzo inokwana iyo kuita 34 kutangira pamuvhunzo wechi 24 kusvika pamuvhunzo wechi 52, Vareformer vanotsanangura basa raKristu zvakajeka maererano nezvinotaura bhaibheri. Zvimwe zvinyorwa zvinosanaganisira che Westmister, Belgia, Cheva Reformer ve Bhabhatidzo chakanyorwa ku London naizvowo zvinotsanangura dzidziso ye bhaibheri pamusoro pebasa ra Kristu saMununuri na Mumiririri wedu, zvinotsanangura basa ra Kristu seiro risingakwanise kuitwa na baba we kereke ye Roma, kana va pirisita, kana va Bhishopi, kana vasande vakafa ve kereke ye Roma.


Dzidziso yechi Katoriki inoti iyo papa we Roma anonzi iye, mururimi rwe Latin “pontifex maximus” izvo zvinoreva kuti muvaki we zambuko mukuru. Izvi hazvimo mubhaibheri saka manyepo nokuti mubhuku ra VaHebheru tinoona kuti basa rekutiyambutsa kana kuti zvitsa kuna Baba ndera Jesu amene.
Mu Tetsamente yaYakare tinoona kuti basa rekuyambutsa kana kuva mumiririri wevanhu kuna Baba riri basa riri basa raiva romu Pirisita Mukuru was Iziraeri, Mutestamente Itsva Basa RemuPirisita mukuru rava ra Jesu.

Irizita rokuti pontifex maximus handi zita ririmo mubhaibheri, uye zvarinoreva hupiristatinoona kuti munhu wenyama zvake haakwanise kuva mupirisita mukuru anomirira vanhu kuna Mwari BAba.
Chatinotonzwisisa pontifex maximus chaive chigaro chaipihwa mambo wava Roma senzira yokutaura kuti ndiye waiva mupirisita mukuru mukunamatwa kwezvifananidzo kwava Roma.VeKereke ye Roma vaimhura basa ra Kristo sezvo vaitenda kuti va Pirisita, Va Bhishopi pamwe navamwe vakuru vekereke vanesimba rokuregerera zvivi nokumiririra vatendi kuna Mwari Baba.
Dzidziso ye kereke ye Roma inoti iyo simba ravana baba ve Roma rakabva kuna Petro uyo wavanotenda kuti ndiye wakava baba vekereke ye Roma vokutanga
Vekereke ye Roma vaitenda uye nanhasi vanotenda kuti simba iri rekuregerera nesimba ra baba wekereke ye Roma rakabva apo Petro paakapihwa chizaruko chokuti Jesu mwana komana waMwari.

Muna Mateu 16:15-18

Akati kwavari ko imi munoti ndini ani? Ipapo Simoni Petro akapindura akati, ndimi Kristu Mwanakomana wa Mwari Mupenyu. Jesu akapindura akati kwaari, wakaropafadzwa iwe Simoni Bar-Jona nokuti nyama neropa hazvina kukuzivisa izvozvo asi Baba vangu varikudenga. Neni ndinoti kwauri ndiwe Petro, pamusoro poruware urwu ndichavaka kereke yangu, masuvo ehedhesi haangaikunde.]

Chisingazivikanwi nava katoriki ndechekuti Jesu waitoudza Petro kuti kereke yaizovakwa pamusoro pechizaruko kwete pamusoro pa Petro. Zvinoreva kuti vana baba vekereke ye Roma havana simba pamusoro pavatendi kana simba zvaro rokuregerera zvivi.


Tinoona kuti manyepo akawanda, e kereke ye Roma akatorwa kubva pachinmato chevanhu vemu Roma, chekutanga ndechokuti mugore ra 313 Mambo Constantine nokusada nyonga nyonga inokonzerwa nokusawirirana kwezvitendero muguta re Roma, wakasanganisa ChiKristu nekunamatwa kwezvifananidzo.

Chinamato chezvimwari zveva Roma chakapedzisira chazara mukereke ye Roma nokuda kokuti ve Kereke ye Roma vaingobhabhatidza vanhu vakanga vasina kutendeuka, vaibhabhatidza vanhu vainamata zvifananidzo avo vakangozoenderera mberi vachinamata zvifananidzo zvavo zvechi giriki nechiroma nyangwe havo vaitonzi vatendi.

Zvifananidzo nezvivezwa zvese zve chimwarikadzi Isis chechimwari chezuva, nechimwarimwanakomana Horus, zvakabva zvanzi ndi Maria na Jesu, iyi yaiva nzira yokufadza avo vainamata chimwarikadzi Isis nechi mwari mwanakomana Horus. Kereke ye Roma yakatanga kuti Maria uyo aiva amai Va Jeso vanokwanisa kunamata vakamiririra Va Kristu uye Amai Maria vanobatsira Jesu mubasa rake rokununura.


Mudzidziso ye kereke ye Roma musande munhu uyo anenge akararama panyika muhutsvene uye nomukuita mabasa akanaka, anenge akaurairwa nyaya yokuva mutendi muna Jeso.

Uye zvinonziwo musande nyangwe hake ari mushakabvu, mukatoriki akanamata muzita remusande akafa minana inokwanisa kuitika, uye zvinenge zvichitonzi munhorondo minana inenge yakatomboitika kuburikidza nekubata mapfupa kana guva remusande.
Mudzidziso yekereke ye Roma nzvimbo imwe naimwe nebasa rimwe narimwe ine musande. Semuenzaniso kune Musande Anitoni ndiye musande wevanochera makuva. Musande Anitoni we Padhua ndiye musande weavo vanotsvaga murume.

Musande Ogasitini ndiye musande weavo vanogadzira doro. Musande Kajetani ndiye musande weavo vanotamba njuga nokutsvaga mabasa. Musande Vhitasi ndiye musande weavo vanorarisa. Musande Bhibhiyana ndiye musande weavo vanenge vaine bhabharasi.
Tikawongorora tsika iyi yekuzvigadzirira twuvasande handi tsika inobva mubhaibheri ndiko saka Va Reformer vaipikisa zvakanyanya nyaya iyi.
Mumwe weva Reformer Johane Kerivhini unoti tsika iyi yakabva pakuti Vekereke ye Roma vairemekedza kwazvo avo vakange vaurayirwa chitendero chechi Kristu, asi nokufamba kwenguva ruremekedzo urwu rwakazopfurikidza mwero.

Zvakasvika apo pekuti va sande vanga votorumbidzwa nokunamatwa sotwumwari. Kereke yakatotanga kupindwa nechinamato cheva Giriki nava Roma avo vaibhabhatidzwa vasina kutendeuka ndokuuya netsika dzezvinamato ndokuchinjanisa zvimwari zvechigiriki nechiroma nava sande vakaf.

Ndosaka semuenzaniso musande Yubheti we mitambo waka chinjaniswa nechimwari Herakoros icho chakange chichimbonamatwa sechimwari chemitambo..

Izvi zvinokatyamadza zvikuru kuti kune vanozviti vaKristu vanofunga kuti kunamata muzita remunhu unonzi mu sande zvinhu zvakanaka, zvinokatyamadzawo kuti kune vanhu vanototenda kuti guva romunhu rinokwanisa kutakura simba ra Mwari.
VaKatoriki vanowanzo simbisa dzidziso iyi yakamonyoroka vachiti “ko inga mapfupa a Elisha akamutsa wani munhu akanga afa?” vachiti zvakare “inga jira ra Pauro rakaporesa vanhu?”

Asi chavasingazivi ndochokuti Erisha nebasa rake waiva mhando yeuyo waizouya ari iye Kristu zvinoreva kuti hatidzidziswe chikristu na Erisha asi tinodziswa na Kristu uyo mukuru kuna Erija na Erisha.
Uye Vaapostora savana Petro naana Pauro vakanga vapihwa simba rokuti zvikwaniswe kuonekwa kuti zvemachokwadi vaive vaapostora ndosaka kwaiitika minana seuyo munana wevanhu vakaporeswa nekachira.

Zvinoreva kuti dzidziso yechi Katoriki inoti vasande vakafa vanokwanisa kunamatira nokumirira vatendi manyepo anomhura nokushora Jeso uyo oga mumiriri wedu kuna Baba uye maitiro awa ava Katoriki akafanana nehuroyi.
Uku kwaiva kunganisa kukuru nokuti bhaibheri rinotiudza kuti hatifanirwe kunamata zvifananidzo, kana kugadzira zvifananidzo tichiti zvifananidzo zva Mwari.

Imwe dzidziso ye kereke ye Roma yaishorwa nava Reformer inomhura basa ra Jeso ndoyokuti munhu anokwanisa kutenga ruregerero kana atadza uye anokwanisa kutengera chero vakafa ruregerero kuti vapinde denga, izvi vareformer vaiziva kuti manyepo nokuti hazvibve mumagwaro, Gwaro rinoti Jeso wakaripa zvivi zvedu vatendi.


Vakatoriki vanotenda kuti waini inosanduka kuva ropa chairo ra Jesu uye chingwa chinotosanduka kuva muviri chaiwo wa Jesu. Izvi hazvimo mubhaibheri, Jesu wakafa kamwe haarambe achifa. Vatendi pavanodya muviri washe vanenge vachirangarira kufa kwakaita Jeso, achifa sechibairo kufira vatendi. Patinodya muviri washe waini nechingwa hazvisanduke, zvinoramba zviri chingwa ne waini.

Manyepo wokuti ropa nechingwa zvinochinja kuva ropa ne muviri chaiwo wa Jeso zvakabva pachinamato chevaroma uko kwaiva nechimwari Mitira, avo vainamata Mitira vaiva neyavowo nguva pavainwa mvura kana kuti waini nechingwa senzira yekurangarira Mitira, avo vainamata Mitira vaitenda kuti mvura kana kuti waini yaisanduka kuva ropa, chingwa chosanduka kuva muviri wechimwari Mitira, vainamata chimwari mitira vaitenda kuti izvi zvaibva zvaita kuti vave mumwe na Mitira.


Munguva yatiri kune vakawanda vanoti Jeso ndiye chete mumiriri wavo asi nerweseri vachitenda kuti munamuporofita, mufundisi kana muapostora ndiye anovamirira kuna Mwari Baba, izvi hazvina kusiyana nechitendero chevaRoma, sezvandatsanangura muchinyorwa ichi. Nevamwe vanotenda kuti vadzimu vavo vanovabatsira kusvitsa minamato kuna Mwari asi izvi hazvina kusiyana nava dzidziso dzekereke ye Roma inoti iyo vatendi vanokwanisa kunamata kuburikidza nava sande vakafa. Vamwewo ndivo vanofunga kuti uyo wakatanga kereke yavanopinda uripadhuze naMwari zvokuti unokwanisa kuyananisa kereke na Mwari. Vamwewo ndivo vanoda kudzosera va Kristu ku murairo, vachiti, vaKristu ngavateedzere Sabata, chegumi, nezvimwe zvemurairo. Asi chokwadi ndochokuti zvose zvomurairo zvainongedzera kuna Jeso sezvatinoudzwa kuna VaKorose 2:16-17, VaGaratia 4 nekuuna VaHebheru 4.


Kristu hama dzadikanwa ndiye oga anotiyananisa na Mwari Baba, kwete vadzimu, muporofita, amai maria, baba ve kereke ye Roma, bhishopi. Tinoyananiswa na Mwari bedzi kuburikidza na Jeso nekuti ndiye mutsvene wakaterera murairo asingatadzi ndokufa sechibairo chisina chipomerwa chakachena uye akatambirwa nababa sechibairo chaicho chinoripa zvivi zveavo vakasarudzwa naMwari Baba nyika isati yavambwa, ivo vanodanwa noku zvarwa patsva na mweya Mutsvene. Vatendi vano verengwa vana sevatsvene nokuda kokutenda bedzi mubasa ra Jeso. Solo Christo.


Is there anything we can do beyond what Christ accomplished for us as believers in the course of His life, ministry and on the cross. Can anybody accomplish for us what Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross and in the course of His life. Can anybody declare “Its done” and qualify the validity of the phrase just as Christ had every right to declare “Its Done”?

What Christ did in the course of His life was the work that The Father had given unto Him. Christ was qualified to accomplish it, he was qualified and empowerd on account of His perfection and His obidience to the Law on our behalf while on earth, He is the end of all Law, For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth [ R O M A N S 10 : 4 ] Thus as He declared “Its done” The beliver was untied from the Law of Moses in its entirety. Christ declares, The Law is Done.

He was beaten and made to suffer the wrath of God on our behalf for our sins as the Prophet Isaiah had prophesised hundreds of years prior to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

[ 3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. note

4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. – I S A I A H 53 : 2 – 5 ]

This suffering and pain on account of our sins that Christ endured had to come to an end at some point and it did, When He declared: its done! We cannot as sons and daughters of Adam do more than what he already accomplished. We may be beaten or tortured but these terrible things can never reedem anybody, our sufferings cannot reedem anybody for Christ has already redeemed His Church and besides because we are too sinful to qualify, we are not blameless we cannot reedem anbody or even ourselves.

In the past Nobody or nothing has ever qualified to accomplish what Christ accomplished in the course of His life right until that moment at the cross when He declared: Its done! The Sacrifices, the Law, the Prophets the Levitical priesthood could not have declared: Its done for they too where looking forwad and pointing to He who would accomplish the great work of redemption and declare: Its done.

In the past nobody was ever sinless or perfect, nobody was ever predestined to be sinless and perfect, everybody else was full of the sinful nature of Adam they could have never qualified to declare: Its done! The Law, The sacrifices and the levitical priesthood where but pointers to he who would declare: Its done!

In our day nobody qualifies to declare what Christ already declared because once Christ was qualified to accomplish it, He accomplished it fully, nobody else is needed to add to what He already accomplished.

What else did Christ accomplish, to declare: Its Done ? Christ was a fullfilment of all Old Testament Prophecy, The seed of the Woman, The Kinsman Redeemer, The Son of David, The Seed of Abraham, The Good Shephered, The High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, The Second Adam, The blameless Lamb of God. Unlike we, sinners, born and bred in sin, None amongst the pool of sinners can accomplish nothing except more sin.

Any man who thinks He can accomplish what Christ accomplished in order to declare that it is done is sure to take us back unto destruction. Its done because Christ did and having done He said so.